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How to get Direct Referrals? It is the most of the question asked by the PTC Members Because Direct Referrals are the Main earning system in most of the PTC Sites. Here I am going to talk about what’s are the best ways to get Direct Referrals. There is 6 Best Ways to get tons of Direct Referrals which is used and also tested by me.

Blogs And Webpages:

If you have your own webpage or blog and you have some visitors on that page, you can post your banners with referral links. If it will attracts your visitors then they join your site through your link. It makes you the direct referrals quickly if you have a daily visitors to your website.
You can create a blog or website on Blogger or WordPress or Wix or Weebly…. All are great sites and also they are free to create a website or blog. If you don’t interest in creating a blog or website then try the splash page.

Splash Page:

Splash Page is the custom page and it is used for promoting the product or service. It is the promotion page mostly used to getting direct referrals on the PTC Sites.
You can also create a page on EMS and Easyhits4u which is very easy to create and easy to edit and publish. But free splash page always have some limitation.
Disadvantage of Easyhits4u splash page is heavy weight and it loads slowly and it uses iframe to display “This page is created by Easyhits4u.

Posting In Forums:

You can post your referral link or banner(with referral link) in various forums to attract other people to join that site. Generally, people post their referral link of one PTC site in forums of other PTC sites because the people who are already working on other PTC sites are actually the potential audience who can join a new PTC site which you are promoting.

Traffic Exchange Sites:

These sites are the most useful way to get maximum traffic to your blog or referral link. This sites mostly work on 1:1 ratio. By means when you visit one site you have a return one visitor to your site.
Advertise your referral link in the Traffic Exchange sites to get the massive traffic to your blog or refferal links.

Paid Ads On PTC Sites:

You can also buy some ad pack on a PTC site to promote your referral link of other PTC site(if that site is highly profitable for DR’s).

Some ad packs are like “Paid to Click”, “Banner Ads“, “PTSU Ads”, “Featured Text Ads”, “Featured Link Ads” etc. “Banner Ads” are the most recommended ad packs for promoting referral link because this is very cheap and effective. Click Here to know more about Online Advertising Banners.

Advertise On Popular Sites/Blogs:

It is the best way to get the tons of direct referrals on any PTC Sites. Some sites like me allow the user to advertise there ref. link in there site. This popular sites have a large number of community around the world.
Advertise on PTC Sites and get direct referrals is not a profitable way to promote your ref. link. Because the members of the PTC sites are only cliks the ads for the purpose of his earning(ie:to earn $0.001).
But in the popular Sites/Blogs the users only click your banner if he is interested in that site. Advertising in that sites/blogs is more profitable to you.

Updated: December 4, 2019 — 7:56 pm

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